E-Decoration Services

HCD’s eDecoration Service is an Interior Design option which enables us to curate exceptional interior design concepts for any space in your home. Delivered in an entirely online format, eDecorations saves you time, effort and the cost of full service interior design.
eDecoration is perfect for those wanting to re-decorate their surroundings without the lengthy timeline or expense of a full service interior design package. We start with a virtual consultation, discussing the needs and functionality of your space as well the aesthetics of how you want it to look and feel. We focus on creating an aesthetic you’re thrilled with, working collaboratively with you to make refinements so that you feel your room concept is perfect.


Enhance your daily living experience with detailed virtual decoration of your home. Visualise the new look you want with personalised colour schemes, furniture arrangements, decor and more, all supported by our creative passion. We’ll work in partnership to curate a space that radiates character and blends beauty with sanctuary.

Digital innovation meets lived-in comfort.


Transform your cafe, shop or commercial office and bring personality to your interiors. Whether opening a new office or looking to update your existing layout, our commercial eDecoration combines virtual tools and expertise with understanding of the importance of branding, corporate identity and clever spatial planning. We put diligent effort into making sure your brand is reflected in your space, and that your space functions to its highest potential.

Elevate your workspace with creativity and practicality.

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