Bespoke Design Consultation (90MIN)

Overwhelmed with design decisions for your renovation, new build or remodel, and need the reassurance of a qualified designer to create a cohesive look? At HCD, we love to problem solve and take the overwhelm out of design decisions.

With a deep understanding of how to perfectly harmonise colour, place furniture and accommodate spacing requirements, our bespoke design consultations are an affordable pathway to exceptional visual transformation. It’s like having a designer in your pocket. Tell us your concerns, and we’ll work collaboratively to solve your design dilemma and creatively establish that new ‘welcome home’ feeling.
A bespoke design consultation is the quickest way to enjoy that aesthetic update you’ve been waiting to start in your home, without having to wade through the steps of a full interior design overhaul. Each consultation includes a 90 minute online video call where we discuss your vision for the space and exactly how we can bring it to life.

Prior to the consultation, we review all the photos, drawings, measurements and plans you can provide to begin preparing. In discussion, we’ll examine how your space is currently arranged and coloured, tackle any problems, and provide recommendations for improvements. You will receive a full set of consultation notes following the meeting, as well as access to two weeks of email communication for clarification, support and further discussion. If you need guidance on your renovation or a unique solution for the look of your space, let’s have a chat.

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